Social Enterprise as a concept has a different history and current understanding in each partner country. Through the programme of visits we can bring the topic to life for participants who can see, visualise and learn through sharing knowledge / understanding. The experiencing first hand will serve to inspire leading to added value upon their return and transferring this into the local youth work delivery and feeding into overall partner development.


The project has been designed to share good practice in relation to the use of social enterprise as a tool in youth work and how the topic can be used to train young people for the world of work and wider living. All partners deliver training to / work with this target group and have good techniques in successfully engaging with young people in an accessible and friendly environment. Equally all partners have tutors / youth workers with qualifications, experience, subject knowledge and commitment to continuous professional development and see how learning provides young people with skills to increase employability, a sense of purpose, an active mind and a more positive / healthy outlook on life.



General schedule of a staff training event

Day 1 – Arrival/ welcoming dinner

Day 2 – Partner / Participant Intros / Agree Group Dynamics / Update reports from partners / Explore understanding of Social Enterprise / reflection on training event

Day 3 – Visit to Municipality to learn about youth policy planning / Visit to local NGO & Private Sector business working with young people in social enterprise / enterprise field / reflection on training event / inter-cultural evening

Day 4 – Visit partner youth work provision / meet young people on topic of their hopes and aspirations / visit two local social enterprises / reflection on training event

Day 5 – workshop on tools to motivate young people / how to effectively use cross-sector partnerships / visit to local College / reflection on training event

Day 6 – Monitoring of event / visit to local NGO on how to engage disadvantaged young people / Collation of Good Practice Guide material / Local media interview / Identify learning that can be adapted to local partner work / farewell dinner / Presentation of Youthpass Certificates

Day 7 – Departure


We will have the staff trainings events in: Sweden, Czech Republic, Serbia, United Kingdom, Romania and Ireland.


Reports links will be inserted later.