The following areas have been proposed to be visited:


RESIDOMO Community ARCHA – community houses – students stay in apartment house with older people. Students stay there for free – they are volunteering in house – not a social work only community work. University cooperate with private company and local NGO to keep this program.


Silesian University – Business faculty – – program for social managers – conference – meeting authorities from Silesian University and talk about competences need it for social enterprise manager.


ERGON – , social enterprise with handicap people.


Information center for Youth in Petrovice u Karviné – Connected with cafeteria.


Tea house – place run by Petrklíč help in Polish part Český Těšín to support eco initiatives and youngsters.


Community Garden Cieszyn – an international Czech-Polish community of “gardeners” who wants to revive urban space by planting plants.


Coworking place in Český Těšín A young business community that aims to provide young people with the space and resources to develop their skills.


Festival in the Streets – Festival is realized as a low-budget event, with the active involvement of people and volunteers, which will help to gain a better understanding of citizens from the Czech and Polish sides of Těšín. Meeting with organizers.


Municipality in Karviná – Path to the city   –

Presentation of local youth initiatives supported by Ministry of Education and Karvina Municipality. Introduction of Municipality youth policy. Lukáš Raszyk – deputy of the Statutory City of Karviná, development of the city, Ambassador of the Karviná Youth Council competence, among other things, subsidy policy, SMK development, SMK development program, strategic plan).


YOUTH – meeting with members of Youth Council.


Business a multifunctional business centre run by the statutory city of Karviná in cooperation with the Business School of Silesian University, which supports the business community in Karviná, active people from Karviná and helps to transform their own ideas into real projects.


Moravian-Silesian Region  – The main goal of the Moravian-Silesian Region is to steadily strengthen its perception as a modern and active institution with a unique position both at the domestic and the European level.

PDM MSK: –  Youth Parliament of the Moravian and Silesian region is an apolitical organization. We motivate and educate the youth and we help them solve their problems. We think that the opinions of young people are really important.


Project LOVE – Karolína Hanáková – My project is about love. Let’s smile, say thank you and be glad for the other people around. – Tereza Jurečková – experience city through the eyes of homeless people. We will discover places off the beaten paths and incredible life stories. They train the homeless people, employ them and help them to restart their lives combination of monetary and non-monetary benefits.


Mlecny bar naproti – Ostrava – – Milk bar run by people with disability


Some pictures from the visits: