Short Term Training in Serbia, 9 – 15 June 2019



Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre (NSHC)


The meetings on the first and last day of the short term training will be held in the NSHC office located in the city centre (Arse Teodorovica Street No3).

The office is within a walking distance from the historical centre of the city. Working hours: Monday – Friday from 8:00 to 16:00h.


The Novi Sad City Hall

The monumental administrative building in the centre of Novi was built in a neo-Renaissance style in 1895 according to the project of architect Gyorgy Molnar. Today it is the office of the Novi Sad Mayor.

Novi Sad exists for a little bit over 300 years. First references to it date from 1694, two years after the construction of Austria’s Petrovaradin Fortress had begun. As the town grew, the townspeople eager to get their freedom, succeeded in gaining the status of a FREE ROYAL CITY, after paying a buy-off amount of 80,000 Forint; the status was granted in 1748 by Empress Maria Theresa.

The name acquired was, in Serbian version, NOVI SAD (in Hungarian: Újvidék; in German: Neusatz; in Latin: Neoplanta).


Poslovni inkubator / Business Incubator

Business Incubator Novi Sad is a place where ideas become successful business ventures. The Incubator is specialized in working with teams in the field of information and communication technologies and creative industries.



Youth Creative Centre OKCe (Omladinski Kreativni Centar)

The Youth Creative Center is a multifunctional space for young people from 15 to 30 years, which enables networking and generating new ideas, working together, promoting youth entrepreneurship, civic (youth) initiatives, as well as cultural and educational content.


Special Education School “Milan Petrović”

The school offers continuous education (primary and secondary school) and rehabilitation of children with disabilities and persons with disabilities from birth until their inclusion in the community. Part of the school is the Working Centre (workshops for tailoring and sewing, washing and ironing, pottery, recycling of secondary raw materials, cardboard boxes production, liquid soap and hygiene products production, etc.) which offers training and

employment possibilities to youth with disabilities.



Education Camp Čenej

The Camp is a Special Education School unit located outside the city, in the village of Čenej, where practical teaching for high school students is organised along with work engagement, teaching in nature, recreational activities, training for life skills, etc.



“Vera ljubav nada” social enterprise

NGO “Vera ljubav nada” (Faith, Love, Hope) runs an educational and inclusive farm in the village of Šajkaš, near Novi Sad.

The farm is a place where this NGO provides therapeutic horseback riding. Part of the farm is a small production facility of bottled water and soda water (carbonated water) under the label “Filipus”, where young people with disabilities work.



OPENS – European Youth Capital Novi Sad

The city of Novi Sad holds the title of the European Youth Capital for the year of 2019. While the title belongs to all young people who live in it, OPENS – Omladinska Prestonica Evrope Novi Sad (European Youth Capital Novi Sad) is the association which implements the program along with its partners. OPENS encourages active participation of young people in the society.




Youth Info Centre “Infopolis” Infopolis is a centre open to young people. It offers WiFi, use of computers, and meeting / training / workshops space, all free of charge. Young people can print their CV and motivation letter if they go to a job interview, as well as get help with writing them; get information about travel, volunteering and employment, participate in a variety of workshops and lectures, etc.





University of Novi Sad – Centre for Student Support

The Centre offers volunteering opportunities to the students of the Novi Sad University as means of gaining relevant practical knowledge and working experience, as well as improving their communication, leadership, and social skills.





Biciklana bike & coffee

One of the coffee breaks will be the opportunity to go to a Bicycle café and meet the young entrepreneurs which promote cycling, healthy lifestyles, energy efficiency, and sustainable development.



Eco Centre Radulovački

Ecological Centre “Radulovački” is dedicated to the implementation of educational programs primarily for young people. The Centre provides accommodation in a multifunctional and sustainable building, as well as educational adventures in nature. It is managed by the NGO “Pokret gorana Vojvodine”. The Centre is located in a small town of Sremski Karlovci near Novi Sad and it holds the CoE quality label – European Youth Center.




A guided tour around the city of Sremski Karlovci will be used to present the concept of “greeters”. Greeters are volunteers who love their city or region and are keen to share their enthusiasm and knowledge about the city or region. They welcome visitors to their city and take them on a personal, two- to three-hour walk showing them the city beyond the guide books and off the beaten track. The idea of greeters was born in 1992 in New York and since then has been set up in more than 140 cities and regions across the whole world.



Psychological Counselling Centre

Psychological counselling centre for youth is a volunteer-based project of NSHC in which young volunteer psychotherapists provide free services of emotional support, psychological counselling and psychotherapy. Volunteers are able to gain working experience (hours of work with clients), while NSHC provides the premises and logistical support.


Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering

The main activity of the Secondary Mechanical School is to train students in the field of mechanical engineering and metalworking. The school is open, interactive and a place where students are happy to come.

During the visit we shall see how the school encourages entrepreneurial spirit through innovative use of metal for art works.



Drop In Centre for Street Children

The Drop In centre for street children in Novi Sad was opened by a local NGO in 2010. The goal was to prevent and reduce the risks that the street children are exposed to and to involve them in the education and health system as well as ensure the availability of other social services. Since 2015, the centre has become part of the Centre for Social Welfare of the City of Novi Sad.


Youth Centre CK13

“Youth Centre CK13” (“Black House 13”) is an alternative and educational space which aims to encourage and develop social engagement and political activism primarily of young people.

The Centre was launched in order to create an open space for public discussions, research projects, independent publishing, concerts, workshops and lectures. The CK13 represents the point of integration of various socio- political youth initiatives and their joint work.



Group “Izadji” – The Club for LGBT Youth

The group “Izadji” (“get out of the closet”) is a “grassroots” association started by young people in 2010.

The group works on improving the quality of life of young LGBTI people; providing psychosocial support and social protection to young LGBTI people and their parents / siblings, friends, etc; promoting healthy lifestyles among young LGBTI people; etc.