Short term joint staff training, Solna, June 2018

Places and participants – short term joint staff training, Solna, June 2018

Publicată de Youth Social Enterprise pe Vineri, 29 iunie 2018


Main elements covered during the staff training event:

  • Introduction/presentations at Solna Youth Center & visit to a social enterprise – Solnafixarna;
  • Visit to Municipality to learn about their youth policy planning, meeting with chairman and head of youth department;
  • Visit a social enterprise & local NGO that works in an entrepreneurial way with inclusion of disadvantaged young people;
  • Visit to Vingen (recycling business by people with intellectual disabilities);
  • Lunch at Hagavillan (social enterprise by people with intellectual disabilities);
  • Visit to Blue Hill (NGO that works with youth participation and are very experienced in crosssector partnerships);
  • Visit Kurage, workshop on motivation, local media interviews, meeting young people;
  • Visit Black Sheep, workshop on creativity, site visit to social enterprise organisation in Stockholm;
  • Presentation of youth social enterprise ”Imelds”;
  • Visit ”The good talents”, an organisation that works in a successful way with youth entrepreneurship;
  • Good Practice Guide material preparation;
  • Identify learning that can be adapted to local partner work, Youthpass Certificates etc.