From European to local level Social Enterprise is recognised as having a valuable contribution to make in building social cohesion / wellbeing and economic growth. The Social Enterprise Sharing Best Practice as a Tool in Youth Work project has been designed collectively by all partners to provide an innovative and valued contribution to promoting the concept of Social Enterprise, showcasing how it can be used creatively in youth work and as a result equip young people with skills to use in the workplace and wider society.


Eight partners from six countries will work closely together to achieve the project aims and objectives; which is to share best practice between partners and through active dissemination with a wider audience. This will be achieved through a programme of seven short-term training events attended by all partners, where the host will share their work and that of local stakeholders in the fields of social enterprise and youth work. With a diverse partner selection, we will have the added value of partners sharing their own expertise (NSHC – refugees and asylum seekers, AC Sportiv Experienta Multisport in using sport as engagement tool, AMACH! LGBT in transgender work, Stephens & George in low literacy level projects, Dacorum CVS in school enterprise challenges, Solna Youth Center and ASK CR led enterprise initiatives and policy setting and Petriklic help in environmental initiatives).


The project will build the capacity of partners to engage at all geographic areas from local to European and enable partners new to transnational activity to experience the values of this form of learning. Partners will be more empowered, individual participants selected by partners will benefit from an important professional development opportunity. Young people from partner localities will benefit from enhanced provision resulting from piloting and mainstreaming new methodologies learned from the engagement, sharing and learning with partner.


Active dissemination to raise the project profile will be continuous throughout the project, as will evaluation / monitoring to ensure we maximise learning and outcomes. From the programme of seven training courses we will identify examples of good practice and showcase the results in the publication of Good Practice Guide on Social Enterprise as a Tool in Youth Work. This will ensure that the knowledge gained by partners is effectively shared at project conclusion to inform and inspire other organisations from all sectors across Europe on how they engage with young people and pass onto them valuable skills in the field of social enterprise / entrepreneurship / active citizenship.