Aims and Objectives of the Organisation


AMACH! LGBT Galway Ltd represents and campaigns on behalf of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in Galway City and County.


AMACH! LGBT Galway Ltd. aims to reflect equally the diversity within the LGBT community by encouraging positive participation from the community. We actively advocate to achieve a solid and safe support structure for the LGBT community in Galway.

We aim to provide awareness, educational and training events and workshops and endeavour to support and promote a socially inclusive society.

  • To ensure that the Committee reflects the LGBT community, works in an effective manner and is both transparent and accountable
  • To support the development of an accessible and safe Resource Centre that can be utilised by the LGBT community
  • To work towards supporting the provision of services for the LGBT community
  • To source funding for future development through grant applications and fundraising events
  • To support the LGBT community to have a voice in influencing and bringing about changes in LGBT issues.


AMACH! is volunteer run organisation which represents and advocates on behalf of the LGBT community in Galway City and County.


Target groups of your organisation (what groups of people benefit from your service)


The LGBT+ community (an umbrella term used to represent minority gender identities and sexual orientations not included explicitly in the term LGBT) in Galway City and County mainly, but also the LGBT+ community in bordering counties.


AMACH! LGBT Galway has recently opened a resource centre in Galway City.  Known as Teach Solais Resource Centre, it currently serves the LGBT+ community in both City and County, in addition to other non-LGBT+ specific community groups.  The underpinning ethos of the resource centre is based on the concept of promoting health and wellbeing for those identifying as LGBT+, but also within the wider community.  This is being done through working collaboratively and developing partnerships with local agencies, charities and community groups in Galway City and surrounding areas.

Teach Solais is committed to the concept of health promotion and aims to be a supportive environment for all people who attend, promoting an holistic approach to health and wellbeing.  We intend to advocate, enable and mediate for those attending our service, in order to achieve positive health outcomes.