The pleasure of movement and the desire to promote sport as one of the basic elements of a healthy lifestyle have brought us together. We started to become a team by running in a group and, especially, by participating at organizing events dedicated to sport. At the end of 2012 we set up in a sport club called Multisport Experience Club.


We are a non profit structure focused on a general target – promote sport as a tool for a healthy lifestyle but we have, also, some specific goals. Multisport Experience club had the following objectives, for 2012- 2017:


– To involve in a running event at least 1% of the population from Arad city;

– At least 30 members of the organization to have a half marathon realized;

– At least 15 members of the club to have a marathon realised;

– At least one member of the organisation to have an Iron Man realised (3.8 km swimming, 180 km riding a bike, 42.197 km running);

These objectives were totally accomplished! For example, in 2015 we had more than 1% of Arad population in our ”Marathon, half-marathon and road running of Arad” – 1872  persons from Arad (1,18%) from a total of 2587 participants.


Now we continue on a higher level to involve people in grassroots sport.


During the first 5 years (2013-2017) we already organized or co-organized more than 22 events in order to promote sport and healthy lifestyle:

  • Casoaia Bike Race – 2013;
  • Half marathon and road running of Arad county – 2013;
  • Green Duathlon – 2013;
  • Arad Duathlon – 2014–2017;
  • Arad Triathlon – 2014-2016;
  • Tomato festival on bikes – 2013-2017;
  • Pestera Românești Bike Race – 2015;
  • Funsbee – Frisbee event – 2015;
  • Marathon, half-marathon and road running of Arad – 2014-2017;

On all these events we had a total number of more than 12000 participants.


The number and impact can be very different, from 30-50 in small events, such as Funsbee or Tomato festival on bikes to middle size events (Arad Duathlon, Arad Triathlon – around 200 participants). The biggest event is ”Marathon, half-marathon and road running of Arad” which has thousand of participants and where we had in 2015 a record of 2587 people running.


Why events? Because we noticed that the energy of a town will be better mobilised through these kind focused activities and for them people are starting to change their customs. Of course, we have some other regular activities, as it can be seen below but at the end of the day the events can make the BIG difference in terms of habits, awareness and impact.


We facilitated and we promoted in our local community European trends and visions such as:

– Suggesting and implementing activities, projects and programs in terms of sport, organizing competitions, events, projects, locally, nationally and internationally;

– Organizing sport activities based on methods from formal or non-formal education;

– Developing collaborations with similar structures, on sport;

– Forming a healthy lifestyle among youth;

– Developing management and leadership skills of young people on sport level;

– Promoting European values and development of intercultural programs;

– Making sports activities on the following areas athletics, swimming, cycling, triathlon, duathlon, sports orientation, freesbee;


As a target group, we work in particular but not exclusively, with youth in activities dedicated to sports, but at the events which we organize people without age limit have access, as well. We work on a daily basis with local and EVS volunteers as we consider it to be to most beneficial for all parties involved. We believe that working with youth helps promoting a healthier lifestyle and helps develop entrepreneurial skills and facilitates the self development of each individuals. During the projects we try to facilitate the best environment for each of our volunteers to be able to express their ideas and bring their experience and expertise (if the case) to improve the activity and to continuously learn from each other.


For our activities during the first years we got different awards, such as:

  • The most popular event in 2014, 2015 in Arad (Arad Marathon);
  • The most popular sport project in Arad (2015 – Arad Marathon);
  • The event of the year for amateurs in Arad county – 2015;
  • Diploma for the involvement in the community and promoting of volunteering – 2015;
  • The biggest event for Grassroots Sport in Arad County – 2016;
  • In 2015 Arad Marathon was selected among the 6 volunteering events on the National Gala of Volunteering;
  • Winner in the National Gala of Volunteering – Romania, 2016, for Arad Marathon event (203 volunteers, more than 7000 volunteering hours, 1956 participants;


Our websites are:, and here all our events/project are described together with a more detailed presentation of the organisation. A special web-site is where we try to put together to opportunities of spending the free time in sport activities in Arad city.