Solna Youth Center is a meeting place (run by the municipality), open for young people (≈15-25 y.o) seven days a week. We have a youth café and different sections/rooms for video games, movies, pool etc. There are about 50-100 young visitors a day. Besides this, Solna Youth Center provides a music studio and a dance room that the young people can use even if the youth centre is closed (they have their own keys). Sometimes the staff or the young people organize workshops in music production, song writing, recording, singing/rapping or dance, theater, capoeira etc.


An important interest for young people is to discover different cultures and people and that is why Solna’s Culture and Leisure Department has been participating in international activities since 2000, especially study visits, international youth exchanges, seminars and the European voluntary service, both as a sending and host organisation (long and short term projects).


We have been sending about 30 volunteers from Sweden to other countries, and welcomed about 35 volunteers from other countries to Sweden. We’ve participated in 35-40 international projects, conferences and seminars.


We also have a youth office and a section that works with  information/consulting for young people and that’s also the starting point for local as well as international projects. The total amount of staff at the center are 15 people, whereof 7 people are working full time. We have a lot of experience of crosss-sector co-operation, we have done plenty of projects with local NGO’s and also collaborations with the library, schools, organisations that are working with unaccompanied refugee children/youngsters and much more.